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GCF 12.20.16

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Grounded CrossFit – CrossFit


From Rig to #HereAtGrounded – 2 rounds of

Banded side steps (with band around calves/knees, side step to warm up hips)

Walking Lunges

Butt Kicks

5 minutes of hamstring/glute stretches


Pause Back Squat (1X1 @ “Heavy weight”, 4X6 @ 70% of estimated max)

(2:2:0:1) 2 second pause at the bottom of the squat
Open Prep, Week 1 – Day 2 – Pause Back Squat

Work up to a heavy weight, not a max to establish an estimated max to take percentages from. Then complete 4X6 @ 70% of that new estimated max figure.” Be sure to record the estimated max for future reference.


CrossFit Games Open 11.1 and 14.1 (AMRAP – Reps)

10-Minute AMRAP of:

30 Double-Unders

15 Power Snatches, 75# / 55#

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